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Arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020, thousands of organizations and individuals have found it in their heart to help their communities in too many ways to mention.  As the social distancing regulations and school and business closures create uncertainty worldwide, the unemployment rate is skyrocketing, particularly among the already underemployed.  Many who one day worked in food service now find themselves in the food line. School lunch distribution lines are the new drive-thru food lines, with closed schools everywhere struggling to keep up with the increasing demands for breakfasts and lunches for their most underserved students and their families. The prospect of a decent dinner in these households is suspect, as money and resources become tighter and tighter. This is where +BOX comes in.


About Us

We’re just a group of multi-talented, resourceful people who care about our neighbors. The Principals of our organization consist of two primary partners.  Our effort is initially seed funded by a small long-standing family foundation (501c3) with a long history of giving back. The Burt Family Foundation was founded by Gregg and Donna Burt, successful serial entrepreneurs with decades of business and philanthropic successes. Wesley Burt, the Foundation’s Executive Director comes with advanced education and experience in the education technology space, and is our resident expert on successful school based programs. Our operational partners are a certified and well respected restaurateur and catering company, Homestead Solana Beach and Root Cellar Catering Co. Owners Jamie and Marie Brawn have 8 years experience managing, operating and owning successful food service establishments.  With an emphasis on nutrition and healthy alternatives, executive chef Jamie Brawn brings a real difference to the typical food products distributed to those in need.

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