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For Immediate Release

+BOX Launches +BOX Connect Pilot Program

Sept. 14, 2023: +BOX launches pilot program for new app, called +BOX Connect, which received support from the US Department of Agriculture late last year. The app will empower food insecure families to opt-in to food support programs with no questions asked.

+BOX Receives  Funding from U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Nov. 9, 2022: +BOX provides weekly boxes of nutrient-rich foods for students and their families; funding will help create an app to increase food insecure families’ access to and availability of locally grown produce in low-income/low-access communities.

+BOX Receives Funding for Local Greens Project

Aug. 22, 2022: The City of Encinitas’ Community Grant and funding from the Carlsbad Charitable Foundation will help support +BOX’s Local Greens Project, which is intended to integrate more locally grown produce into the +BOX program.

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