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Nutrition Education

We seek to:

  • Provide students and families with a healthier future

  • Contribute to a reduction in rates of obesity and chronic illness

  • Improve academic outcomes

Why Nutrition Education?

While providing weekly nutritional produce boxes is a great way to increase food security for families, we want to maximize the impact of the ingredients we provide. To this end we have adopted the Rooted in Wellness nutrition curriculum. 

Developed locally and owned by the Fallbrook Food Pantry, Rooted in Wellness is a comprehensive, evidence-based curriculum for children and adults that provides a range of course options from basic nutrition to culinary skills.

By combining the weekly delivery of +BOX produce boxes with the Rooted in Wellness nutrition curriculum, we can ensure families are able to maximize the nutritional value of the foods we provide. Thereby, helping families adopt the enduring habits that inform long-term health, wellness, self-sufficiency, and fuel student achievement.


How Can You Support Nutrition Education?

With support from our donors and community partners, +BOX provides Rooted in Wellness summer camps to the communities in most need, completely free for attendees. Over the next school year, our plan is to expand access Rooted in Wellness after-school programs to all of our current and new school partners, to coincide with continued distributions of +BOXes in these communities.

With your contribution, you are supporting the development of healthy eating habits and information for students and families to lead happier and healthier lives.

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