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Donate to +BOX

We invite you to join us in adding to the world. You can start right here, in our shared community, with a financial gift that makes our work sustainable.

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How to Support +BOX

+BOX delivers fresh, healthy, nutrient rich foods to children and families on a weekly basis by partnering with local growers, food rescuers, and neighborhood schools. 

For every $1.30 donated, +BOX can provide a healthy meal to a local family who doesn't have enough to meet their basic nutritional needs. A gift of $48 provides a food insecure family with fresh healthy food for a month.  

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Ways to Donate

Choose one of the options below or make a pledge to our general fund.

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General Donations

Prefer a more flexible giving option? We invite you to make a donation to our general fund where your dollars support ongoing +BOX programming and general operations. Donate or make a pledge today!

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