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What We Do

+BOX exists to provide that important third meal to those in need, free of charge, distributing healthy and nutritious meal kits side by side with the existing school lunch meal programs. Healthy and nutritious food kits, with ample ingredients for at least one square meal for a family of four is provided to those already in the school lunch line. +BOX kits are nutrient dense and curated with fresh & staple products that adhere to an internally developed standards model. We use the current local school delivery system to make our free boxed dinner available to families who rely on the school lunch program to thrive and grow.


Our Purpose

+BOX provide essential nutrition to as many K-12 families in our local school districts as possible, working with local farms & businesses to support their production and stimulate economic growth in the area.


Our Promise

We are raising the standards and impacting health and wellness for our communities by providing them with essential nutrition from locally sourced farmers & artisans. We will focus on locally sourced fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, and dry goods. When these products are sourced in close proximity to the packaging and delivery area we are preserving the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies crave to function at our highest levels.  When we invest in our local economy it creates a symbiotic relationship between those who can give, and those who receive.


“The +BOX is chocked full of delicious and nutritious meals, minimizing or eliminating the high sodium and carbohydrate content that many times finds its way into the diets of those in need.  The +BOX is truly different”

+BOX Executive Chef Jamie Brawn


Contact Us

Want to learn how you can support our work? Interested in +BOX distribution to your local school community? We'd love to hear from you!

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