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Kids in Vegetable Farm

Healthy food and fresh ideas
for those who need it most

Healthy Food, Healthy Families, Healthy Communities

+BOX is a community-based nutrition program committed to building a healthier food assistance system by making fresh fruits and vegetables more accessible and available to children and families experiencing food insecurity.

We partner with local farms, food rescue organizations, and neighborhood schools to deliver CSA-style boxes of fresh, healthy food to children and families on a weekly basis.

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Food Insecurity in Our Community

What is food insecurity?

Families who are food insecure do not have access to a sufficient amount of food, or food of an adequate quality, to meet their basic needs. In the school communities +BOX supports, it means being a parent who is so in need of food for your children that you're never sure how you're going to feed them from day to day.


Why it matters

In San Diego County, 1 in 4 people suffer from food insecurity, including 200,00 children. That means that almost 1 million San Diegans don’t have enough food to meet their basic needs.


Not only that, but food insecurity also leads to poor health and chronic illness, including diabetes, lower academic outcomes among children, increased household stress, and ultimately, it's a threat to human dignity.

That's where +BOX comes in!

“What PlusBox has been contributing to our community has been amazing. This is just what we needed and at the right time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

+BOX Program Parent, April 2021

Healthy Food & Fresh Ideas

Every week, children in schools across North County San Diego look forward to opening a simple brown box. Inside is a bounty of fresh, healthy food - crisp produce, ripe fruit, organic beans, and wholegrain rice. More than just nutrition, these boxes hold the future to a healthier food assistance system.






Improving Nutrition

+BOX focuses on improving nutrition, ensuring consistent access to the types of healthy foods that promote better health and wellbeing, with an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Expanding Access

+BOX is committed to making healthy food more accessible and available to ensure food insecure communities get the support they need to live healthy, dignified lives.

Building Community

+BOX is designed as a grassroots initiative that organically engages with our community to create a program that’s engrained in and responsive to the communities we support.



We invite you to join our mission to deliver healthy food and fresh ideas for those who need it most!

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