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Opening pathways to healthy, local, sustainable foods

Adding to the World

+BOX is a community-based nonprofit program that partners with local growers, food rescuers, and neighborhood schools to provide food insecure children and their families with boxes of fresh, healthy, nutrient rich foods on a weekly basis.

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Food Insecurity in Our Community

Food insecurity impacts 1 in 4 people in San Diego, including 30% of children. That means that almost 1 million of our neighbors don’t have enough food to meet their basic nutritional needs and are unable to provide three healthy meals per day for themselves or their families!

Individuals who experience food insecurity are much more likely to suffer from poor health and chronic illness, including diabetes. Food insecure children are more likely to experience lower academic outcomes, delayed development, and limited opportunities for a healthy and dignified life.

Thats why we created +BOX. To promote dignity, improve health, and create opportunity for children and families by connecting them to locally grown, fresh, healthy food.

“What PlusBox has been contributing to our community has been amazing. This is just what we needed and at the right time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

+BOX Program Parent, April 2021

Fresh Thinking & New Solutions

We approach this challenge with creativity, flexible thinking, and innovation so we can reimagine what is possible and modernize a system that struggles to meet the needs of food insecure families.







Improving Nutrition

+BOX is laser focused on providing food insecure families with healthy, nutrient rich, whole foods with an emphasis on fresh produce.

Expanding Access

We are re-imagining the way parents access assistance by developing programs and solutions that simplify an overly burdensome process and expand access to support.

Supporting Sustainability

+BOX partners with local farms and food rescue organizations to support a local food system that is sustainable, climate-smart, and more resistant to disruptive events.



We invite you to join us in adding to the world. You can start right here, in our shared community, by volunteering your time in one of our programs, sharing your fresh thinking to energize our progress, or with financial support that makes our work sustainable.

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