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A Collaboration to Grow On

+BOX is all about providing essential nutrition to as many food insecure families as possible. When we think about food insecurity, there are two big components that we try to address. One is the availability of nutritious food and the other is an ability to access it. Our approach is to work alongside community partners to meet families where they are, usually at school, to make available our boxes of fresh, healthy, nutritious food.

Our friends at Healthy Day Partners have taken another approach with their Grab & Grow Gardens program. Grab & Grow Gardens provide a small selection of vegetable and/or herb seedlings in an easy to carry bag, along with instructions in English and Spanish, to help people grow fresh fruits and vegetables for themselves and their families - especially people who live where grocery stores and fresh produce are not readily available.

A collaboration just seemed to make sense. So, connected by a shared vision, +BOX teamed up with Healthy Day Partners to provide a Grab & Grow Garden with every +BOX for 100 families in the Vista Unified School District community; providing students and their families with fresh, healthy, nutritious food and the ability to grow more fresh fruits and vegetables at home.

Together, we believe that we can make available the essential nutrition that food insecure families need, and offer them long term access to healthy food.

To learn more about Healthy Day Partners and the Grab & Grow Gardens program, visit:

To learn more about how you can support +BOX, please click here.

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