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Annual Day of Giving

Equation Collaborative is excited to be part of the first annual day of giving for San Diego County. San Diego Gives is a 24-hour fundraising event that seeks to create a movement of local giving, and to shine a light on the amazing work of nonprofit organizations in our community.

Equation Collaborative has joined with more than 100 other nonprofits throughout San Diego County that have demonstrated a commitment to serving San Diego and responding to the needs of our community. All of the money raised will stay local and all donations made to Equation Collaborative will help the +BOX program provide essential nutrition to as many food insecure families as possible.

We recognize that giving happens year round and our team, partners, and the families we support sincerely appreciate your generosity at all times, but San Diego Gives is a great opportunity to support and strengthen local nonprofits like ours, and help raise awareness about +BOX and the impact we're making in the community to a broader network of local philanthropists.

The San Diego day of giving will take place on September 9th and we invite you to support Equation Collaborative and the +BOX program at:

Thank you for being a part of this special event!

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