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A Foundation to Build On

The +BOX team is excited to announce the formation of a new nonprofit organization, Equation Collaborative, to support the continued development and growth of +BOX.

Last spring, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched a side project to address rising food insecurity by working alongside school districts to augment school nutrition programs with boxes of nutrient rich foods for students and their families. With seed funding from a generous foundation sponsor, the project has evolved into +BOX, a program that has now donated over 12,750 boxes with over 52,000 servings of fresh, healthy, and nutritious foods to food insecure students and families in collaboration with 3 different school districts.

This pandemic has been an awakening that food insecurity and a host of other social imbalances are more acute than ever, and there are many who need help to provide for themselves and their families, to have enough food, and to access other essential resources. We learned through our experience over the last year that programs like +BOX are essential to increasing the capacity of public and community support systems to maximize their impact on children, families, and communities who are chronically and disproportionately affected by social imbalance.

+BOX is a labor of love and a program that we believe is having a positive impact on the communities we serve. We also believe that food insecurity is a ubiquitous problem that will remain beyond this pandemic. With Equation Collaborative as a foundation, we are empowered to effectively manage and grow +BOX to provide essential nutrition to as many food insecure families as possible.

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