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Nutrition Courier

+BOX is looking for volunteer Nutrition Couriers to support +BOX distributions to partner school sites. We have expanded the program to include four new school distribution partners for the 2022-23 school year and need volunteer support to meet the demand in our community.

+BOX is a school-based, nutrition focused food security program that makes it easier for children and families to consistently access healthy whole foods. +BOX is designed to minimize barriers to nutritious foods by partnering with local growers, food rescuers, and neighborhood schools to distribute boxes of fresh, healthy, nutrient rich foods on a weekly basis. Every +BOX includes enough nutritious food for families to create up to ten healthy, culturally relevant, meals. This school year, +BOX will support between 550 and 650 food insecure families every week in North County school communities.

The +BOX Nutrition Courier will work with the +BOX Program Manager to deliver boxes of fresh, healthy, nutrient rich foods to our school distribution partners. The +BOX Nutrition Courier will commit to picking up 25 boxes from the +BOX warehouse in Carlsbad and delivering them to one of two elementary schools in Solana Beach Elementary School District on Wednesday afternoon(s).

The +BOX Nutrition Courier will:

  • Arrive at the +BOX Warehouse in Carlsbad by 12:30pm on Wednesday afternoon(s)

  • Load your vehicle, with the support of +BOX staff, with up to 25 boxes

  • Transport the boxes to either:

    • Skyline Elementary School in Solana Beach, or

    • Solana Vista Elementary School in Solana Beach

  • Unload boxes at the designated delivery point before 2:00pm for pick up by participating families

  • Feel awesome about adding to the world for ensuring food insecure children and their families have consistent access to healthy food.


  • Be at least 18 years of age with a valid driver's license

  • Have a van, truck, SUV or vehicle capable of transporting up to 25 boxes (each box measures 12x12x8)

  • Be punctual and able to meet the stated pick-up and delivery times.

Compensation & Details:

  • You’ll receive +BOX tee-shirt or hat (your choice) to rep during your deliveries

  • +BOX will provide you with delivery instructions, including a point of contact at each school site who will receive the delivery.

  • +BOX staff will help load your vehicle, but you may be asked to unload unassisted at the school site.

Nutrition Courier: Text

Apply Here!

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

Nutrition Courier: Job Application
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