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Vegetable Picking

Local Greens Project

+BOX launched the Local Greens Project to increase our support for local farmers by adding high quality farm-fresh produce to our food security program; uplifting both food insecure families and local farmers.


Did You Know?

Most American farmers fail to generate enough revenue to turn a profit, let alone make a living. In San Diego County, where agriculture is the fifth largest industry, most farmers say they have to earn additional income outside of farming to survive.


Did you also know that food support programs distribute more than 36 million pounds of food every year, but only 34% is fresh produce?

Thats where +BOX comes in!

What +BOX Can Do?

+BOX launched the Local Greens Project to make local, small farms a strategic element of the +BOX Nutrition Security Program, recognizing not only the nutritional value of the food they produce, but also the economic value to individual farms and the local food system.

With seed funding from the Carlsbad Charitable Foundation, the Local Greens Project provides direct support for local farmers by consistently including locally grown produce in the boxes we provide to children and families each week, investing more than $25,000 in the local food system during 2023 alone.

Support from the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service Local Food Promotion Program has empowered us to develop and test new models for expanding the Local Greens Project and encouraging other food security nonprofits to follow our lead so that together we can:

Happy Gardener
Joy of Harvest

Further invest in the local agriculture economy by increasing the amount of locally grown produce that is purchased and included as a key component of food programs.

Provide higher quality, fresher, and more nutrient rich produce to children and families experiencing food insecurity, establishing a more direct connection between growers of food and those who need it most.

Support a more sustainable, vibrant, and accessible local food system that allows for equitable access to nutritious food and autonomy for every community to choose where their food comes from.


We invite you to support the Local Greens Project by donating to our Local Greens Fund. Every dollar donated to the Local Greens Fund will be used to purchase locally grown produce from local farms and provided to nutrition insecure families in the +BOX program.

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