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Vegetable Picking

One-Time Donation

Your one-time donation provides ongoing support for +BOX as we increase access to fresh and healthy food for our neighbors experiencing nutrition insecurity.

Please continue to explore our website to find out more about our work and how you can join!

What Does +BOX Do?

+BOX aggregates food from multiple sources, including food rescue operations and local farms, to package CSA-style boxes of fresh food for students and families in the community. By focusing on reducing food waste and supporting regenerative agriculture, +BOX not only ensures that more families are able to access high quality produce, but our work also reduces our negative impact on the environment.

From starting in a shared commercial space to growing our program from our own warehouse, +BOX continues to evolve to meet the needs of the families that are nutritionally insecure. Over the course of the last 4 years, +BOX has grown to our current distribution level of over 700 boxes every week with the hard work of our passionate volunteers and staff . The +BOX model enables regular and consistent access to fresh and healthy food so that families can create culturally relevant meals.

Happy Gardener
Joy of Harvest

Further invest in the local agriculture economy by increasing the amount of locally grown produce that is purchased and included as a key component of food programs.

Provide higher quality, fresher, and more nutrient rich produce to children and families experiencing food insecurity, establishing a more direct connection between growers of food and those who need it most.

Support a more sustainable, vibrant, and accessible local food system that allows for equitable access to nutritious food and autonomy for every community to choose where their food comes from.

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