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Plus 100 Project

100 Boxes for 100 Families

+BOX needs your support to add 100 boxes per week this holiday season, providing healthy and nutritious food to 100 additional families facing food insecurity in our community every week.

Plus 100 Project: Welcome

As we head into the holiday season, +BOX aspires to expand our impact by adding 100 extra boxes to our weekly distribution, reaching 100 additional families every week.

The Plus 100 Project goal is to raise $15,000 before the end of the year to fund the expansion, including supplies  and nutrient rich ingredients.  

For every $15 donated, +BOX can provide a box to a family in need. To maximize the impact of every donation, our partners at the Burt Family Foundation have agreed to match every dollar raised through the end of the year, up to $10,000!

Plus 100 Project: Text

Plus 100 Project: By the Numbers



For every $15 donated, +BOX can provide a family in need with healthy and nutritious food.



The Plus 100 Project will provide over 4,000 meals to families facing food insecurity.



With the Plus 100 Project expansion, +BOX will exceed 10,000 boxes delivered since our founding in April 2020.

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