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Join +BOX in the fight against food insecurity to ensure that food insecure students and families continue to have weekly access to fresh, healthy, nutrient rich food. Learn more about the benefits of sponsorship, including healthier children, more stable communities, and recognition of your business as a partner in the fight against hunger.


Social imbalances are more acute than ever, and there are many who need help to provide for themselves and their families, to have enough food, and to access other essential resources. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, one in five families in San Diego County were food insecure. Now, one in three are facing food insecurity, and California is expected to experience the largest increase in the number of food insecure individuals in the country. Existing public and community support services often lack sufficient capacity to address these overwhelming needs. In fact, the San Diego Hunger Coalition estimates a monthly meal gap of almost eight million meals, after accounting for existing food assistance programs.


How We Help

+BOX fights food insecurity by working alongside school districts to add to school nutrition programs with boxes of nutrient rich foods for students and their families. +BOX increases the capacity of public and community support programs and maximizes impact by meeting children and their families where they are, which oftentimes means at school. Each +BOX includes enough food for four servings and is provided weekly by leveraging existing school meal distribution systems.

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Essential Nutrition

+BOX is laser focused on providing fresh, healthy, nutrient rich foods. While food banks and food pantries play a critical role in addressing food insecurity, families who typically rely on food banks and food pantries often lack adequate access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and other essential nutrients. +BOX carefully curates every box to ensures that the families we support have consistent access to healthy food.

Community Collaborations

There are multiple barriers that prevent food insecure individuals from accessing food assistance programs, including lack of awareness, excessive administrative burdens, limiting eligibility requirements, and inability to physically access services. +BOX reduces those barriers by working alongside community partners to leverage existing systems that drive awareness, eligibility, and access.

Underserved Students

+BOX fills a gap left vacant by existing school-based food assistance programs in North County San Diego by targeting school partners in six North County school districts that represent more than 50,000 students, of which 73% qualify for free or reduced price lunch and are typically underserved by existing food assistance programs.


"Our experience during the pandemic made clear the significant void of adequate food resources for food insecure families in Carlsbad. +BOX adds necessary and valuable food resources to our community."

Carissa Iwamoto, Director of Purchasing & Nutrition Services, Carlsbad Unified School District


2021 Impact Metrics

+BOX impact metrics through September 2021


Boxes Distributed to Food Insecure Familes


Servings of Healthy Food to Food Insecure Families


Pounds of Healthy Food to Food Insecure Families


Benefits of Sponsorship

When your business sponsors boxes of healthy, nutrient rich food for food insecure students and their families, +BOX will recognize your business as a supporting partner in the fight against food insecurity and provide your team with volunteer opportunities to experience first hand the good will that you are building in your community.

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Community Recognition

+BOX will recognize your business as a supporting partner on every box we distribute for the duration of the sponsorship to spotlight your charitable support for food insecure students and families in the community.

  • Your logo will be printed on every box

  • Sponsor specific +BOX communities

  • Gain visibility across a broad audience

Brand Promotion

+BOX will promote your business and its generous support for food insecure families across all available communications channels, in coordination with your marketing objectives.

  • Planned social media campaign

  • Coordinated press release

  • +BOX newsletter and website promotions


Team Building

As a sponsor, your team will have the opportunity to come together and volunteer at a +BOX Pack Out event to experience first hand the good will that you are building in the community.

  • Flexible scheduling is available

  • Volunteer events are offered every week

  • Volunteer to support specific communities


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